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The Most Precise 532nm Green Laser Line Generator

If users are getting serious need of clear and fine enough line alignment, in those of industrial and high tech work fields, a lot of users would prefer to make use of a 532nm green laser line generator. The advanced use of 532nm green DPSS laser stands the middle part among all visible optical spectrums. Configured with the best quality separate crystal lens with different fan angles and constant power source supply, no matter it is pointing at close or long distance, this 532nm green laser module just makes sure of easy reaching, highly fine and clear green reference line projection onto various working surfaces.

11129647257?profile=originalThe usual use of 532nm green laser line generator is just continuing for quite long time. It should also be working without any appearance of laser light decay or blur, thus it is being made with super nice thermal emitting system. For instance, being made with an inner metal heat sink cooling system inside highly durable anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, this 532nm green line laser just gets even better thermal emitting than formal laser pointer. Under operation of quite low or quite high temperature, within wide range of -10 to 45 degree Celsius, it still gets perfect protection of itself, and keeps work with highly reliable and stable green reference line projection under any other harsh working occasion, such as mechanical moving or shocking etc.
In various industrial precise line measuring work fields, on basis of advanced use of separate crystal lens, this 532nm green laser line generator gets the best quality Non Gaussian distribution green laser light, and highly uniform green reference line from laser beam aperture. NO matter it is pointing at close or long distance, it projects extremely bright and fine green line source, which is just keeping work with the same line brightness from middle part towards both ends. Even though it makes long lasting laser line alignment within 8 to 10 hours, 532nm green line laser module still gets perfect performance in those of industrial and high tech fields.
Available with wide range fan angles of 10 to 93 degree, only after basic measurement and experiment of technical data, 532nm green laser line generator just gets correct use of output power and optic lens degree. It assures no mistake and no manual labor force input line projection onto any raw material surfaces. According to proper installation and adjustment of both laser beam focus and laser line emitting direction, and wearing correct 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, this industrial alignment laser just achieves easy and secured line measurement in all application fields effectively.

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