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Yeah I am asking for way to much but including one (please include greater than f****** one of those next year tho) of these would make MT for sale 2K21 much better. I would be glad if they made fun that is myleague. They don't even have to listen to my own ideas it has to be fun I'm giving these ideas. Myleague is one of the gamemodes on 2K right now and it should be the best one. Myteam is unplayable if you take a break. Animations are becoming changed way too fast and far too much this year. Except for my English being worse than a American I'm Dutch.Wish For 2K21 MyTeam - Online Competitive Play

Instead of matchmaking by overall that leads to all sorts of"entire cheese", produce leagues or tiers depending on the gem color of the highest overall card on your lineup and rewards to reflect that grade or league. You can play in the league or tier over your highest gem but can not play under. They wouldn't be able to play against teams with a lineup consisting of Sapphire and Ruby players.

The system rewards players for lowering their rank to play against groups with tiered cards. I think a system that allows players to play better lineups but not allow efforts to play worse lineups is a better consumer experience for everyone. I really like this idea but I think there would have to be a style without this kind of matchmaking.

There is a lot of gamers who may be new to the mode or only have trash teams, but were able to receive a lucky pull. Imagine being a participant with one opal (that you have luck and pulled in a single pack) and 9 ruby cards, but having to go up against a god group full of opals and PDs. It'd be too unfair. If this was separate from a mode that does some version of the team matchmaking we have now, it'd be perfect.

Rather than career admissions series do team spotlight collection. So players play and career rivals or their teammates rather than going through one. You play the certain teams signature minutes. With jordan you perform through the 6 championships for example for the bulls and then you play through the age. I also think instead of triple threat Buy NBA 2K21 MT online do draft mode. Each round you select 1 of 3 players. You just take the ten person roster and play with 10 games. Every sport you win you receive a ball drop and if you go 10 and 0 you get a opportunity to acquire a distinctive triple threat player that chnages every couple of weeks.

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