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Highly Uniform Beam 532nm 30mW Green Laser Line Generator

In any occasion of the most precise and finest line alignment, either it is adopting manual line printing tool or mechanical line aligning tool, it is not comparable with advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech applying device of 532nm 30mW green laser line generator. It is projecting the most sensitive and easy absorbing green laser light from middle wavelength of 532nm. Available with low laser beam divergence and advanced use of separate crystal lens with wide fan angles, only if compact structure made 532nm green laser module gets proper installation and adjustment to correct position, it makes highly precise and accurate green line alignment at great distance.
This 532nm 30mW green laser line generator is getting special need of continuous and highly stable line alignment. It should have to perform different from a simple green laser pointer. Designing with an external AC/DC adapter and inner metal heat sink cooling system inside durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, this green line laser always leaves enough space for tube cooling down. In addition, within wide range operating temperature of -10 degree to 45 degree Celsius, not affecting at all by any working environments, the genuine green laser line alignment is keeping good laser beam stability, and not affecting at all by any mechanical moving or calibration etc.
When line alignment is processing onto various working surfaces, 30mW 532nm green laser line generator would be used for multiple application fields, such as textile garment processing, laser cutting, sand milling, lumber machine etc. In order to project different line lengths and line finenesses, the advanced use of glass coated lens enables wide range fan angles of 10 degree to 110 degree. After projection of different line lengths within 0.5 meter to 6 meters, only if users are making basic measurement and experiment of technical data, this green line laser would get correct fan angle and make highly precise line alignment in distance effectively.
Without any serious relying on manual labor force input, after easy use of an external AC/DC adapter, 532nm 30mW green laser line generator makes user of quick response and easy green line alignment at great distance. Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, after quite easy adjustment of laser beam focus, it makes highly precise and fine green line projection. In addition, according to high attention to thermal energy hurt to eyes, only after correct wearing of 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses and correct installation, green line laser makes sure of highly clear and fine line indication in all application fields.

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