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Afaik Netease already said they're more or less copying CCPs monetization with some twists that were small. I don't see why it would not hold unless folks do not spend any cash on Eve Echoes. CCP is protecting their IP so you can be certain EVE Echoes ISK will have a word in regards to such things. In terms of graphic updates. That is something you may be concerned about in like 5 years when Eve Echoes still runs at the moment. Nobody knows if the market for a pocket eve is really sustainable.and the AVG phone power expansion seems to have slowed down hugely. When will an upgrade even be worthwhile?

I'm not sure you're considering it in a way that is wholesome. You should ask yourself whether it's worth your money and more significantly TIME. If so, game off. Any game could fall at any time that is certain from grace. I know for sure eve has done that MULTIPLE occasions for big chunks of this community. Because they are a Chinese company with a negative standing, I'm leery of NetEase. But I didn't wish to bluntly word it like that due to the current political climate. If people are wary of this project so far, I was just hoping to gauge the community.

Yeah I was hesitant but they are doing a really good job at Eve Echoes up to now. I believe their monetization seems fair and I pay $5-10 a month to support Eve Echoes. From what I've played up to now from the alpha and now the beta, it's the nearest thing to eve Internet without becoming overly bloated to do. I can not wait to watch Eve Echoes evolve since they add more stuff. I will be enjoying with day one for certain. My point of not enjoying is being unable to sell something simple as veldspar without even buying a trainer license.

Funny how galaxy stole alot of assets from eve, came out long despite being a cashgrab. Excited about this as I used to be. Revisted eve and its own P2W. You can pay to ability faster and pay for isk to buy everything you want. Im sure it will just be fastisk worse on cellular as developers know that they can get away with even more. You can buy isk in eve if it was valid or not. Purchasing Isk is not anything new to Eve Echoes. Players who know what they're doing make enough isk to buy what they need in addition to being able to pay for their game sub.

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