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Save the world from using energy sources that degrade our environment which results into global warming by letting this solar power technology to take off.

There is this new patented solar technology brought to you by German Engineers which will enable production of 100% clean electricity 24/7 (not only during sunny periods) everywhere worldwide to power our homes and things like car, mobile phone, laptops, etc. with potentials to reduce current electricity costs by at least 50% due to efficiency of the solar system which is 3.8 times more efficient than the current solar systems that uses photovoltaic.

The technology solves the three biggest problems of photovoltaic (PV) systems:

#1 PV systems produce electricity only when the sun is shining;

#2 PV systems use only a small part of the solar energy;

#3 Due to the heat of solar energy, PV systems produce less electricity;

The SOLARIO Technology is delivering electricity 24/7, because it is converting not only light, but also heat into electricity. Thanks to latent heat storage systems, which mean we store heat on a constant temperature point, electricity is produced and provided around the clock.

In detail, the SOLARIO Technology is a hybrid system for the generation of electricity from solar energy. It is combining classic PV technology, Peltier elements, thermoelectric modules, and latent heat storage systems. As a result, the technology is about 3.8 times more efficient than regular PV systems. This high efficiency rate has been scientifically proven by the renowned Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design, in Germany.

The technology is expected to be ready for use by January 2022 and now you can help the company to develop this solar technology by purchasing its products in advance through its crowdfunding program where you buy 100 KWs of electricity for only $1 which is the current ruling crowdfunding price. The price will increase by $0.1 monthly or whenever the current batch is sold out until the price reaches $5 per 100 KWs.

Still, $5 per 100 KWs is way cheaper compared to the current electricity costs wherever you are.

You can sell your tokens at Solario Market place starting from October 2018 at the ruling Solario rate and make profit instead of waiting until 2022 where the Solario electricity will be ready for consumption.

You can buy Solario with cryptocurrencies like Twinkle, Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies (more than 20)


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