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In the world of gaming, an menu system is toxin

Additionally, it helps that Wei Su, one of the producers at NetEase directing the work on Eve Echoes, is an EVE Online veteran himself with over a decade of playing experience in…


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Soulja Boy returns with classic RuneScape streams

Based on RuneScape veteran and Eurogamer guides writer Lottie Lynn, a few scammers first start by actually decreasing small quantities, such as 10k or 20k coins, prior to earning the player's trust and making off with 100k. "The scammer may also attempt to trick another player into simply dropping the money, wait for …


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Eve Echoes - Ban on PvP in high-sec

Eve Echoes - Ban on PvP in high-sec, monetization, endless ammo and strategies for Capitals

In the conclusion of last year, the studio CCP Games and the Chinese firm NetEase Games conducted an open beta test of this…


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The system rewards players

Yeah I am asking for way to much but including one (please include greater than f****** one of those next year tho) of these would make…


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Excellent video as well

Was the marketplace during beta? Was there mods? It was not much and rocky. Only a few types of fittings seeded. You could not manufacturer much besides boats, although Folks would sell drops they'd gotten. It had been beta. But it was sufficient to …


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There is nothing stopping you

Yeah is currently gon na be fantastic. I also missed the beginning of eve online so got destroyed my people. If eve online ever started an eve classic host much like wow did with wow classic in which you play a fresh server with no ability injectors or capacity to …


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I stumbled across a post that had some of those'Madden 21' ratings for each team

They won't compete with all the Denvers and Kansas City's of this world because they have Tyrod who's notoriously scared to create throws down the area when needed, and Herbert who in the exterior looks like Josh Allen…


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EVE is lining up for one test

Afaik Netease already said they're more or less copying CCPs monetization with some twists that were small. I don't see why it would not hold unless folks do not spend any cash on Eve Echoes. CCP is protecting their IP so you can be certain…


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For NBA 2K21 charging 70 bucks

I think you're underestimating the number of folks who literally only play with 2K. Rather than buying other games, Individuals who will fall hundreds on it like you or I do. And those aren't even the predator, it is extremely common. I wouldn't fret too …


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NBA 2K21 cost is $10 more costly on Xbox Series X and PS5

You are correct that its a company transfer, but I wouldn't say its shady (except for the excess cost, if true). That is something people want, to give it does not mean its a shady move, its own meeting the requirement. They are happy, I am happy, if I need somebody and …


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