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We are an International Community of Entrepreneurs Looking for New Leaders to Increase the Synergy of our Qualified Team.  Come Join Us!!

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Who We Are, What We Do And How We Do It?

The creation of what is now known as CarbonCopyPRO began in 2004 as the brainchild of Internet entrepreneur’s Jay Kubassek, Alan Moore, and Aaron Parkinson. Motivated by their desires to break free from the bureaucratic bonds of traditional business, corporate corruption, and dead-end jobs; CarbonCopyPRO has become the Internet’s premiere marketing education and resource company, serving entrepreneurs in 183 countries around the world.

CarbonCopyPRO capitalized on the emergence of the Internet as not just a conduit of business, but a commodity in and of itself. Creating a membership based community of entrepreneurs that stands at the forefront of the industry in its technical proficiency, efficacy, structure and support mechanisms.

CarbonCopyPRO provides an integrated education and instructional platform that facilitates members quickly and efficiently creating their own plug and play, Internet Marketing business. Eliminating traditional overhead, CarbonCopyPRO provides a fully staffed virtual office; communication tools, business resources along with the training and support needed for each member’s success.

To protect the integrity of the community, as well as to contain the growth, CarbonCopyPRO membership is by referral and application only.

CarbonCopyPRO membership provides the following:

- A fully integrated and personalized online marketing and customer management system
- Detailed traffic, lead and sales tracking capabilities
- Professional call center to assist in closing member product sales
- Available in over 50 languages and 183 countries

- Comprehensive video training library
- Marketing plans for variable budgets and levels of experience
- Master Marketing Program that teaches traditional and contemporary Internet marketing techniques
- Weekly educational webinars and tele-seminars
- Daily entrepreneurial and mindset training
- Live Master Marketing Events
- Business leadership programs

- Email, phone and live chat support
- Professional outsourcing and virtual assistant services
- Personal marketing mentors


We Are a Global Community of Entrepreneurs Looking for New Leaders to Increase the Synergy of our Qualified Team. We Work as Smart as We do Hard Taking Advantage of Internet Technology & Globalization.

We are Entrepreneurs Working Together from the Comfort of Home: Creating a Legacy, Fulfilling Dreams, & Reaching Goals. We Leverage Each Other’s Success, Experience, Creativity & Passion. Come Join Us, Let’s Do this Together!!


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Website: www.MyEntrepreneurCommunity.com (Get Inside Here!)


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Comentario de Francisco Sandoval el abril 23, 2011 a las 8:43pm
Nadie como nosotros te hará sentir mejor,
la salud mental y la excelente oportunidad de negocio serán
la clave de tu éxito. ¡Que esperas!, pre-registrate
y prepárate para la plataforma
que cambiará tu vida.
Estamos ya muy próximos al lanzamiento Oficial. Mira este enlace http://ning.it/i9J9XE y entra en www.podseven.com

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