It's so simple and the benefits of using Liantuo Ptfe sheets

If you have ever had the misfortune to place the design the wrong way round I’m sure you’ll agree that it is more than enough to ruin your day, not to mention any subsequent garments you may try to press. If you find yourself in this position here are 5 steps to cleaning your heat press platen.

First make sure you have unplugged the press and allowed it cool down.

Use a cotton cloth to give the platen a good scrub using a cleaning product containing a bit of grit mixed with warm water.

Turn the heat press back on and while it is heating up put some heat proof hand protection on. Give the platen another good scrub to remove any remaining residue. Allowing the press to heat up will loosen the remaining residue making this part a bit easier.

Unplug and let the press cool down again and then rinse with cold water to remove any cleaning product residue.

Wipe the press down with a clean damp cloth and then dry it with a towel.

There you go; good as new. The unfortunate part is that this process takes up quite a lot of time which you could be using to press designs for customers.

This is why PTFE sheets are a simple and affordable way to protect your equipment and enhance your designs. They can ultimately save you time and money.

Using Expanded PTFE Sheet is simple. Just place one on top of the design and sublimation paper and then press as you usual. You can even place one underneath the garment you are pressing to protect the lower platen. It’s so simple and the benefits of using Teflon sheets make them indispensible.

Here's another tip for looking after PTFE sheets. Remember to store them carefully as they can be damaged. The best way is to store them rolled inside a tube. Alternatively keep them on a flat surface and avoid placing heavy objects on top of them. Look after them and they will save you lots of time and money. PTFE Sheet:

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