You might have got a lot of chances to see marvelous laser show or laser displaying on the stages, thus you might not feel strange with blue color laser light. When 445nm blue laser diode is getting great technical innovation and improvement, it is not any longer stopped for simple presentation work, but mainly workable for a very practical used dot measuring tool, such as a blue laser diode module. On basis of its charming and attractive color blue laser light, this blue laser dot alignment is not only workable for industrial dot measuring work, but also being used as a quite special accessory dot aligning or positioning part in laser displaying, military targeting, laser medical treatment device, and other high tech applied blue laser devices etc.

The genuine experience of blue laser diode module is very unique. This blue laser is getting quite similar color laser beam as a 473nm blue DPSS laser system. However, although this blue laser dot device is employing high power 445nm blue laser diode with selectable output power of 50mW, 80mW and 100mW, however, it is still very compactly designed with very portable laser module tube only 16mm or 26mm diameter.
In practical dot alignment work, the operation of blue laser diode module gets external electric power source, while it is also efficient enough to get super nice thermal emitting in long term continuous dot alignment work. Comparing with larger dimension designed 473nm blue DPSS laser system, this 445nm blue laser module is able to be designed with much smaller size and much lower production cost, while still effective enough to provide a highly level of accuracy blue alignment laser dot positioning in all industrial measurement work fields.
When blue laser diode module is being used for practical dot aligning work, owing to its higher output power up 50mW, it might also produce extremely intense power and thermal energy in process of continuous dot laser alignment work. It is a dangerous work for users to operate such high power laser device without any laser safety measures since any blue laser radiation or reflection by high power blue laser module might cause serious hurt to eyes and skins. In order to make sure of high secured blue alignment laser dot targeting, it is necessary for users to remember to select a proper 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles until getting satisfied and safe blue alignment laser dot positioning.

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